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Job Board




Are you aware of a job posting that has not appeared on one the following list server or websites?




For a description of the above links and the types of jobs you might find on them please click here


If you are aware of a faculty, clinical, or graduate assistant position?


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AHC Sponsored 



Are you an AHC member and an expert that would like to conduct a Podcast or Webinar? Contact us and let us know.


Are you an AHC member that would like a specific Podcast or Webinar sponsored by AHC?


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AHC Members' 
To The Field



In this space you will find links or notices relative to books, articles, youtube postings, and other media offerings by AHC members.


If you do not find a members offerings here let us know so that we can consider it for inclusion.


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Research Interests




Want to connect with other AHC members about research interests or request assistance with your research?


Are you a student or new professional that would like to connect with other AHC members that have the same research interest?


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Local and State 
AHC Connections


Want to connect with other AHC members?


Want to connect with existing local or state AHC orgainizations?


Want to start a local or state AHC orgainizaiton?


Do you have news from your local or state AHC orgainization?


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AHC Student 
Member Development


To assist AHC students with their academic/professional development members of the AHC staff are now offering to review papers, resumes, and cover letters.


If you are interested in submitting a paper, resume or cover letter for feedback please send it to the following email address


Contact us at



AHC Mentorship 
& Membership

Are you interested in mentoring a new member of AHC?

Are you a new member of AHC that would like a mentor?


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Have A Great Idea?


Do you have a great idea for our bulletin board, website, or orgainization?


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