2013-2014 AHC Make a Difference Grant Announcement & Overview.

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2013-2014 AHC Awards & Nomination Packet

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Make a Difference Grant Application 
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AHC 2012-2013 MAD Winner and Runner up

The AHC Make a Difference grant winner for 2012-2013 was Kimberly M. Jayne of the University of North Texas

The author of our very close runner up project was Kristen Eckhardt of the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

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The Association for Humanistic Counseling 
2013 Award Honorees


Humanistic Leadership Award – John Parkman - for dedication to AHC and the counseling profession; for his

open warm and caring way; and leadership through his examples of volunteerism, service, and career


Past President’s Award – Michelle Perepiczka – for her energy, hard work, and organizational skills; she has

welcomed many into the AHC fold and leadership.


Past Editor’s Award – Colette Dollarhide – for maintaining and increasing high standards of humanistic

scholarship, while treating each author-submitter with utmost respect and support


Humanistic Clinician Award – Brande Flamez - for promoting social change in supporting schools, orphanages

and other support systems in Tanzania


Distinguished Journal Reviewer – Gloria Aquino Sosa – for thought provoking reviews, proving that one can

be friendly, professional – humanistic, even – in manuscript reviews


Humanistic Educator/Supervisor Award – We honor two educator/supervisors:


Sue Bratton - nominated by former and current students for always making time for students, her tenacious

belief in their capacity and that of all persons, and her personal connection and commitment to students


Christopher Schmidt – nominated by peers and his chair, on behalf of student accolades, as a counselor

educator consistently demonstrating a humanistic philosophy and a model of what service should look like   


Humanistic Impact Award – Tricia McClam – for her long and going strong career in human services and

counseling, and whose scholarship and service is positively changing lives of children, youth, families,

and students


Humanistic Advocacy and Social Justice  – Bob Kronick - for bringing wide ranging supportive services

into full service community schools for some of our most troubled children, and inspiring students to

service and advocacy


Humanistic Dissertation Award – Janee’ Avent, UNC-Greensboro - for her outstanding dissertation with

significant humanistic content:


What Then Shall We Say to These Things? An Investigation of African American Pastors’ Response to

Mental Health Needs in the Black Church and Their Influence on African American Help-Seeking

Behaviors and Coping Strategies


The Joe and Lucille Hollis Publications Award – Nancy Cochran, William Nordling, and Jeff Cochran -

for Child Centered Play Therapy: A Practical Guide to Developing Therapeutic Relationships with

Children (2010, Wiley).

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Recent AHC Award Winners



Drs, Lorraine Dinkel & Deborah Ojiambo are the recipients of the 2011 Outstanding Humanistic Dissertation Award.


Dr. Dinkel of the University of New Orleans is honored for her humanistic dissertation research on The Relationship between Graduate Counseling Students’ Meaning in Life and Their Crisis Experiences. Dr. Deborah Ojiambo of  University of North Texas is honored for her humanistic dissertation research on Effectiveness of Group Activity Play Therapy

on Internalizing and Externalizing Behavior Problems of Preadolescent Orphans in Uganda.


Dr. Virginia Dansby is the recipient of the 2012 Humanistic Impact Award. For over 20 years Dr. Dansby has been known for selflessly finding ways to help others feel valued.


Dr. Mark Walsh is the 2012 recipient of the Past President's Award. We particularly value and have benefitted from Mike’s leadership in business matters as well as his positive

energy and warmth for all.


Dr. Sondra Smith-Adcock is the 2012 recipient of the Distinguished Journal Reviewer Award. Dr. Smith-Adcock is a long-time reviewer whose work has demonstrated a

commitment to the authors and quality of the Journal of Humanistic Counseling.


Dr. Donna Sheperis is the 2012 recipient of the Humanistic Clinician Award – for the commitment evidenced in her work to improve the lives of persons who are

underprivileged and underserved by counseling, to the dignity of all clients, and to her apparent belief made clear through her work that personal and professional

growth is best achieved through service to the greater good.


Drs. Mark Scholl, Scott McGowan, and Jim Hansen are the 2012 recipients of the Hollis Publications Award – for their book, Humanistic Perspectives on

Contemporary Counseling Issues.


Dr. Michelle Perepiczka is the 2012 recipient of the Humanistic Educator/Supervisor Award – for her excellence in seeing and challenging the individual person

in each student, fostering individual growth, and encouraging humanistic approaches with clients and in research.


Dr. Brande` Flamez is the 2012 recipient of the Humanistic Advocacy and Social Justice Award –  for her accomplishments in advocacy, including her personal

work, her research, and her work in helping students learn how to become effective advocates.


The Award winners will be recognized at the ACA conference in San Francisco, California.


Please read more about the AHC 2012 Award recipients and Honorees by clicking on the following link


Full Descriptions of 2012 Awards and Honorees



Dr. Kara Carnes-Holt was the recipient of the 2011 Outstanding Humanistic Dissertation Award. Dr. Carnes-Holt was honored for her humanistic dissertation research

on Child-Parent Relationship Therapy with adoptive families. Dr. Carnes-Holt was nominated by her doctoral committee chairperson, Dr. Sue Bratton, from the

University of North Texas.


Dr. Garry Landreth (University of North Texas) was the recipient of the 2011 Humanistic Impact Award. He was recognized for this lifelong commitment to humanistic

work focusing on child-centered play therapy and parent child relationship therapy. Dr. Landreth was nominated by Dr. Kara Carnes-Holt from the University of Wyoming.


Drs. Linda Leech (University of South Carolina – Retired, Turning Point Counseling and Educational Services), Colette Dollarhide (Ohio State University), and

Cathy Malchiodi (Cathy A. Malchiodi private practice) were the recipients of the Past President Award. They were recognized for their exceptional service to the

division. All three were nominated by the AHC executive board.


Dr. Mark Scholl (East Carolina University) and Dr. James T. Hansen (Oakland University) were the recipients of the 2011 Distinguished Journal Reviewer Award.

Drs. School and Hansen were recognized for their outstanding service to the Journal of Humanistic Counseling (JHC). Both were nominated by the current

JHC journal editor, Collette Dollarhide (Ohio State University).


The Award winners were recognized at the AHC breakfast at the ACA conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.


The "Make a Difference" Grant

AHC supports new ideas and programs. The Make a Difference Grant provides funding for research projects in the area of humanistic counseling and education.

AHC funds one research grant per year in the amount of $500.00.


For more information, about the Make a Differnece Grant contact the AHC Awards Committee Co-Chairs,

Jeff L. Cochran & Marianne Woodside, at: jcochr11@utk.edu & mwoodsid@utk.edu


Previous Grant Winners:

2010-2011's Make a Difference Grant Winner Information (.doc)
2009-10's Make a Difference Grant Winner Information (.doc)


2011-2012 Contest Details:

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