In 2008, Empty plate raised $3,400 for the Institute for Human Services. IHS provides food and shelter for the homeless community in Honolulu. Their representative Kate Bepko sends the following message: "The funds raised through the ACA C-AHEAD Empty Plate Project this year made all the difference for the IHS meal program. Providing 800 meals a day is costly, and the generosity of ACA members will help IHS to continue to provide food for hungry men, women, and children. Mahalo for your support!"


In 2007, Empty Plate raised $2,877 for the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, which provides food, shelter, education, and job training to assist homeless people in rebuilding their lives.


In 2006, Empty Plate raised $2,590 for SunYouth, a private, non-profit Montreal group dedicated to assisting children and their families throughout the Montreal area.


In 2005, Empty Plate raised $3,792 for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, which distributes almost 2 million pounds of food and other donated grocery items monthly to Metro Atlanta and North Georgia.

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