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AHC Webinar Series

November Webinar

Opening Doors: Using Story and Communication to move from Prejudice to Inclusion.

 Nina Spadaro, Ed.D.       Paul Englesberg, Ed.D.,                             



Nov 13th, 2018  @ 8pm EST 

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Webinar Description

This webinar is an outgrowth of Opening Doors: From Prejudice to Inclusion; a year-long project funded by the Walden University Center for Social Change.  This project grew from two social realities in a community in northwest Washington State - the historical legacy of ethnic and racial intolerance for the Chinese, Japanese, and Sikh community members, and the present-day divisions between the majority white residents and people of color in the community.  Based, Paul Englesberg, Ph.D. and Nina Spadaro, Ed.D., the co-principal investigators, have combined their expertise in their fields of education, history, and mental health counseling to inform, inspire and interact with their local community participants. The presentations we crafted are based upon principles of vicarious intergroup contact which have been shown to reduce othering.

Storytelling has long been a traditional method of promoting healing.  In this application, storytelling can provide vicarious intergroup contact, an accepted and proven method of healing rifts between social in-groups and out-groups.  Stories come in all forms - historical and contemporary stories, publicly shared and privately confided. The presenters will describe their social change project through story, photos and song and explain their rationale for specifically selecting the historical perspectives, the art, the music, and interactive exercises they employed. 

Webinar Summary

This webinar is aimed to provide supportive information to those who might wish to advocate in their own communities towards reducing prejudice and exclusion using forms of storytelling.  For Paul Englesberg, an educator and an historian, and Nina Spadaro, a counselor educator and clinician, storytelling is central to their usual work. Through public presentations of history, art, song, and mindful interaction, co-principal investigators created the Opening Doors: Prejudice and Inclusion project to contribute to a contemporary environment of understanding and compassion in a local community in northern Washington which is culturally fractured.

 Stories of the past and stories of today, cultural stories, stories of honor, stories of exclusion and stories of inclusion all have their places at the table of social healing.  As Paul and Nina tell their story of this social change work-in-progress, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to find and identify the types of stories to use for healing storytelling in their own communities.

Upcoming Webinars

Nov 13th  @ 8pm EST  Opening Doors: Using Story and Communication to move from Prejudice to Inclusion.  Nina Spadaro, Ed.D., Rives Thornton, MS, Paul Englesberg, Ed.D., Andrea Beilner MS.

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For more information on the AHC Webinar series or if you are interested in presenting a webinar, please contact Paul Smith, AHC webinar coordinator.

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